Recipes from Dean

You can make simple fermentation:

Use fruit

1 kg any fruit

1 kg hot water (do not cook)

wait to until cool and add 10 g of any yeast, but distiller's yeast will give 2x more alcohol

wait until fermentation finishes then distill

or you can simply distill Viet Nam Mint and add to Vodka with sugar for Schnapps!
Viet Nam Moonshiner

You need: Corn, water, sugar, fruit should work very well

The corn should be cooked just like we cook beer malt (it is starch). When cooked it turns to sugar. You can cook it in a rice cooker to keep it simple.

Recipe for white lighting:

51% corn or more (cooked)
49% Malt or less (cooked)
Sugar (up to you)

cool to room temperature

check your beer spindle (if you have one) for over 1040 but not over 1070
If it is under 1040 add more sugar, if it is over 1070 add more water.

Add yeast. In a few days you can see when the fermentation stops.

Distill and get..... Moonshine!

Recipes from Daniel
Viet Nam Fruit Moonshine
You need for our 2000 ml “Glas distill”
970 g Water (to mash the corn)
300 g corn
130 g fruit (if you like)
700 g water (add to you fermenter)
230 g sugar (add to you fermenter)
1 ½   TS yeast
If you have use a rice cooker, add 970 g water and 300 g corn. Cook like you cook rice. Wait 10 – 15 min until this mash is below 30°
During this time you can mash fruit (kind up to you) with a blender and add with 700 g water, 230 sugar to you (use a 5 L water bottle) fermenter.
If you corn mash is cold you can make a yeast starter with sugar and 1 ½ TS yeast. Wait until the yeast grow and add to the corn mash and fill all to you fermenter.
If you have a fermenting tube use one or cover with a food wrapping film.
Fermenting needs 4 up to 6 days and is ready for distilling
Viet Nam Moonshine Margarita 
You need to following ingredients:

30 ml Lime juice (squeeze the juice yourself)
15 ml Orange juice
Sugar 1 teaspoon
30 ml Moonshine
a single slice of lime (for the glass)
Salt (sea salt is the best, but you can use any type of salt you want, as this is only for serving)
Get a cocktail shaker, as this is the preferred vessel for mixing all the ingredients. Put the two juices with sugar, Moonshine and as much as ice as you want to in the shaker.
Then, make sure all is well covered and shake it until everything is perfectly mixed.

As presentation is a big part of the whole process, when you are happy with the way the drink came out rub the lime slice on the upper part of the glass and then dip it in salt. Next, just pour the drink into it and enjoy it!
Mot Hai Ba Moonshinnnnnnnnnnne

Recipes from Karl Heinz

4 liters White Wine (12%)
Honey (grease from inside in the distill helmet)
80 g Anise seeds
Add the Wine in your Distill, grease from inside honey in the helmet and press Anise seeds in the honey. This gives the our "Moonshine" an Ouzo flavor.

Distilled at 78 ° to 84 °

στην υγειά σας   or   cheers ...

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