HBV Competition

First HBV Beer and Moonshiner Competitio
n Saigon

Possible schedule February or March

Hobby Brewer Vietnam


Who can enter?

The competition is open to any mircrobrewer and homebrewer from Vietnam and the region. Contestants will be considered as an individual entrant on the basis of person's name appearing on the registration form. If more than one person helped brew the beer, everyone who assisted must be listed on your entry form. Team beers are acceptable, but the entrant must have been an active participant in the brewing process.

Each brewer could submit only 1 beer for each designated category (an category could have many styles) - SEE TABLE

Only beer maybe entered (no mead, cider, wine entries will be accepted)

Entrants are encouraged to use brown long neck bottle "Tiger 330 ml" or equivalent without label nor special sign to submit their entry

Soft drink or other printed crowned caps are acceptable; however, they need to be blacked-out with a black marking pen to assure anonymity in all judging situations.

Each bottle with be assign a number for the judge to report on their score sheet

Each submission shall comprise of 4 full bottles

The beer will be drop off before 3 days from the competition day at [location]

Brewer will fill in a registration form to mention information related to their entry such as category/style, ABV, IBU, bottling date, hops type, etc.

Fee: each participant shall contribute ?00,000 VND for the organisation of the event. This fee include, beer competition, ? beer and a Buffet (soon more)

We need volunteer to organise the event. Please make yourself known.

How entry will be judged?

Beer entries will be judged in Contest Categories and Contest Styles listed on this Contest Styles page. Some contest categories may be collapsed for judging purposes due to lack of entries. Categories with under three (3) entries total will be combined with another category. Each entry should be entered according to the latest AHA/BJCP style guidelines, which have been included. Entries must be referred to by category and subcategory letter.

1. Blind tasting will be used. Judges will not be given the identity of the brewer or entrant.

2. Entries will be judged to published styles. The BJCP Style Guidelines are the guidelines that will be used for this competition.

3. Feedback will be given to the brewer or entrant. The simplified version of BJCP judging forms will be used for this competition.

4. Judging will be as fair as possible to all entrants. Common rules will be used, and they will be applied and enforced uniformly. This competition will be run in a spirit of fairness.

5. Beer will be tasted and judge from light to dark style

6. Judge shall write their name and as much description as possible for each entry

7. Each entry will be served in a wine glass for 10 cl each

8. An award and trophy will be given to the best entry of each category from ? (soon more)

Soon more information
send us please a email if you like to join this event!

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