Member Equipment

Daniel´s Equipment
Gambrinus 1 - 20 Litres

Dean´s Equipment
Home made construction - 80 Litres

Dusan´s Equipment
Semi home made construction
220 Litres

Disaster Brewery An Phu
Max and Sebastien

John´s Equipment
Semi home made construction
60 Litres

Eric´s extract system

Karl Heinz extract system

and his new home made construction 50 Litres equipment

Max´s Equipment
Semi home made construction
500 Litres

Mark´s Equipment
home made construction
40 Litres

Ryan´s Equipment
home made construction
30 Litres

Mike and Sharon´s Equipment
Braumeister 50 Litres

Charles Bigger & Better Beer D2 Equipment
BIAB 8 Litres

Thang´s Brewferm Extract starter kit

Lian´s simply brewery

Robert´s simply mash tun brewery

Sam´s Equipment
From the left, Falconers Flight IPA, American Ginger Pale Ale, and Apfelwine in the back

Graham´s Equipment

I dont see your Equipment!

Save water, drink beer!

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