Member Card

Hobby Brewer Vietnam
Member Card 2016

member only: with our HBV Member Card Gammer Beer all you can drink at Gammer Beer Pasteur 107, D1 

*  unlimited to drink beer for only 120,000 VND + VAT (please also a small tip for staff)
*  free finger food (
like peanuts)
*  terms: 2016 all time you like to drink a good Gammer beer
*  please show you member card before payment

Beer me home!

who can get this card, all brewers (Beer, Cider, Monshiner) and those who wants to be a brewer and member from HBV

Do you have a bar or Restaurant and want our member come to your place ? send a email to: hobbybrewer(dot)vietnam(ad)gmail(dot)com I add you in our list, only requirement each HBV member who can show his member card, get a beer for free (like San Miguel)

beer me home! mot hai ba jooooooooooooo
Save water, drink beer!

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