So simply to do…

You need to start 1 kg cabbage. Cut in small strips and start to press all with 20 g salt till you see liquid on the top of the cabbage. The fermentation starts his work.

 See picture A, B, C, D and E



After 5 min add 1 TS vinegar…


You need also…

4 Container, 16 small spoons, 4 small covers, vinegar

 See picture D


Divide the Sauerkraut in 4 containers and press first the small cover in the container, also 4 small spoons. Reason for the cover and the spoon, keep the Sauerkraut always under the liquid…


Good job...

you keep the container approximately 1 better 4 weeks in your Refrigerator, and wait...


You prepare the following:

1 container “Sauerkraut”, 1 onion, some caraway, some bacon…

Fried onion and bacon 3 min in the pan with oil and mix all with the Sauerkraut. Now cock all with low temperature 30 minutes… add 1 TS (or more if you like) home made Mustard


Ready to eat with steamed potatoes, some smoked pork chop from Dusan and bread. Don’t forget a good home made Beer! 


“Home made" Mustard

You need:

50 g Mustard powder
20 g Sugar or honey
  5 g Salt
30 g Vinegar
30 g Water
Chilli and garlic powder if you like

Heat water, vinegar and sugar 2 min in a no more than 300W

Give mustard powder, salt and your spices in a glass and add the water, vinegar and sugar. Mix all with a spoon  ( at least 5 min no more than 30 degrees ) in a water bath

Do not surprise if the mustard mash at the beginning are still very liquid, the mustard flour pour with the time still up

Nearly finished!

Keep the mustard in a 250 g now in the refrigerator. After 2 or 3 days you can eat and store the mustard up to 5 or 6 months

Mixed Rye Bread

you need:
140 g  Wheat flour
  60 g  Rye flour
  50 g  Malt (after lautering if you brew beer)
145 g  Water
  16 g  Yeast add 1 TS sugar
  1 TS  Salt
    6 g  Fried Shallot (if you like)

Knead or use a hand mixer until the dough is elastic. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel. Fermentig need one hour.
Knead second time the dough 1 minutes, forme a ball or a bread form of your choice.
Cover the dough with a kitchen towel. Second fermentig need 30 min.
Head up your oven to 250° bake the bread 15 min and change the temperature to 200° and bake finish 30 min

Beer and bread :-)


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